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Additional material


This website contains materials that supplement the Cambridge Handbook of Phonology's text.  There are reading lists, additional documents, images, software, fonts and website links.


To suggest an addition to the chapter materials, please post an entry on the Resources discussion forum.

The materials are grouped by chapter.  Click the relevant chapter name below to see them:
For general resources (e.g. fonts, analytical software), see the Resources page.


1. Themes in phonology (de Lacy)
2. The pursuit of theory (Prince)
3. Functionalism in phonology (Gordon)
4. Markedness in phonology (Rice)
5. Derivations and levels of representation (McCarthy)
6. Representation (Harris)
7. Contrast (Steriade)
8. The syllable (Zec)
9. Feet and metrical stress (Kager)
10. Tone (Yip)
11. Intonation (Gussenhoven)
12. The interaction of tone, sonority, and prosodic structure (de Lacy)
13. Segmental features (Hall)
14. Local assimilation and constraint interaction (Baković)
15. Harmony (Archangeli & Pulleyblank)
16. Dissimilation in grammar and the lexicon (Alderete & Frisch)
17. The phonetics-phonology interface (Kingston)
18. The syntax-phonology interface (Truckenbrodt)
19. Morpheme position (Ussishkin)
20. Reduplication (Urbanczyk)
21. Diachronic phonology (Bermúdez-Otero)
22. Variation and optionality (Anttila)
23. Acquiring phonology (Fikkert)
24. Learnability (Tesar)
25. Phonological impairment in children and adults (Bernhardt & Stemberger)





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